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A warm welcome overnight for homeless people in the coldest months


Here are some stories of the journey taken by our guests and how they found themselves homeless and how the Shelter has made a difference. There are also some stories from our volunteers, describing the difference the experience has made to them.

a volunteer cuts a guest's hair
David's experience

‘I have volunteered at the Shelter all through the weeks and was struck particularly by J, he...

volunteers and guests sharing a cup of tea
Michelle's experience

‘I have really enjoyed my time volunteering at the shelter this year.  The people I have met,...

volunteer and guest chat
Millie's experience

‘I've learned a lot about people doing this. I also have learned that you can't judge a book by...

volunteers prepare food for guests
Alan's experience

‘I don't have much to say except that I think you are all lovely. Keep going! I am approaching...

volunteers discussing the evening's activities
Mark's experience

‘Volunteering has been inspiring. Meeting new people each week and hearing their stories has...

a volunteer prepares food for guests
Leon's experience

‘I served at the shelter last year. I had decided not to do it this year as I was moving house...

guests and volunteers sitting at tables eating a meal
Guest story 5

I lost my home due to my business folding and ended up on the streets of Maidstone.


a volunteer gives a foot massage to a guest
Guest story 4

I became homeless due to going to prison. When I came out I was straight onto the streets with...

volunteers serving food to guests
Guest story 3

I came to the shelter after the Day Centre advised me to. I was assessed by staff at the Shelter...

beds set out at the Quakers'
Guest story 2

I came across the Shelter due to my marriage breaking down, which left me homeless.


hands holds a warming, hot cup of tea
Guest story 1

I came to the shelter after the Day Centre advised me too. I was assessed by staff at the...

a guest is given a cup of tea by a volunteer
Guest story 6

Well, this is the second time in the shelter for me - I was there last year seeking support...